Lonely at the Top

Something I’ve noticed as I begin to ascend into my career, is that my circle is shrinking. Those who are really in my corner are dwindling. Don’t be fooled, there is a difference between your random friends on Facebook who like all of your photos and comment with things like: “I’m so happy for you, I got your back the entire way!” and those who call you, check on you, feed you when you need it, and listen to you vent about how far success actually feels. The biggest difference is the level of genuine-ness that they have. At this point in life, I don’t put much energy into people that are not sincere. We often crave likes and attention on social media, but if there is no substance behind those relationships then it’s pointless.

Just this past year, I had to learn how to handle the fact that some of the closest people in my life were not here for me as I thought they were.

For those of you who are also on the path to your individual greatness, you too will soon notice that the higher you rise, the smaller your circle will become. Success naturally comes with haters. Embrace it. Even Jesus had haters.

Appreciate those that are truly in your corner. But your love can’t be one-sided. You have to reciprocate the love and support.

I can count on my hand the number of close girl friends that I have, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. All of them bring something to the table. Ask yourself, are the people you’re surrounded with contributing to or taking away from your life? If you’re constantly pouring out who will re-fill your pitcher when it’s empty?

Iron sharpens iron.