Redefining Success

For so long I have been chasing success, but feeling let down when I feel as though I’ll never truly obtain it. I’ve defined success as many things, most of which relate to materialistic possessions or other things that only have extrinsic value.

Society tells us that having money and nice things means that you’re successful. The only problem for me is that I don’t see myself making a lot of money early on in my career. Most people have this perception of lawyers being rich. The truth of the matter is, if you’re not interested in the corporate world or business law of any sort, it is very unlikely that you will start off making 100K.

I love people, and I love public service. Those two passions combined into a career don’t typical yield a six figure salary. (Not saying that it won’t ever, but just not as soon as most of us would like). So how am I supposed to feel successful if I am not making a million bucks?

In figuring out how to you define success you have to ask yourself what’s your life view? How do you view life? So I recently began reading “The Purpose Driven Life,” which has been serving me some much needed clarity. It discussed different life views and I discovered that I view life as a race, meaning the quicker I get to the finish life, the faster I reach success. So you can imagine why not even knowing where the finish line is located can cause a great deal of mental angst.

Side bar: All my life I’ve been told that I am wise beyond my years. When I was 18 I felt 23 now that I am 23 I feel 30 lol. However, I am not successful enough to feel 30 so having this advanced “brain” can be a true hindrance. Often times, despite my accomplishments I don’t feel successful.

Notice how many times I have used the word “I”? And the focus on how “I” feel. This is the first key to the feeling of inadequacy- selfishness. As Christians, and believers this mindset will always be problematic.

Living for Christ is a selfless act- for this reason we have to peel the layers of the world off,  and REDEFINE SUCCESS! As a Christian, success is about replacing your selfish desires for the will of God.

You’re always going to feel inadequate if you are living to please you. However, God has a greater plan than what you could ever imagine for yourself. One that may or may not involve a great amount of money, but instead one that involves, health, peace, happiness, longevity and the inheritance of any eternal kingdom. Which of the two sounds more successful to you?

To our creator, the GREATEST accomplishment that we could ever achieve is to fully submit to his will and bring him glory during our very short stay on this earth.

Once I began to view success in this way, I noticed things started to look up for me. I don’t have to wait until the future to feel successful. I feel it each and every day, and you can too!