Growth is Uncomfortable

Take a look into my scattered thoughts over the past two months:

I graduate from law school in five months.

I’m sitting right here, on the cusp of my dreams.

This time last year I could’ve sworn that I would be feeling elated right now.

Don’t get me wrong, I am excited about graduating, FOR THE LAST TIME, but at the same time it’s weird. I’m really done with school. WOW. 

I have been a student my entire life.

This semester has been all about growth for me. Honestly, these past three years have.

It’s so uncomfortable to feel yourself budding. I’ve sown for a long time to be right here where I am, and now that I am here, I don’t know how to feel.

I have always struggled getting outside of my comfort zone, that’s why being on the hinge of this transitional phase feels awkward.

Honestly speaking, I have wanted to be an adult since I was like 8. It’s always just seemed so cool. NEWSFLASH: Aint nothin’ cool about paying bills lol.

Now that it’s here…coming at me full throttle, I am low-key panicking!

With the help of God alone, I have solidified a job post-graduation. Though highly appreciative, this also brings me slight apprehension. Thinking about myself waking up at the crack of dawn to go sit at my desk in my office of a law firm makes me squeal and squirm on the inside lol.

Like this is really happening, I am about to be whole full-grown adult out here lol.

I am changing, each and every day. I feel God shifting me into who I am becoming, and it is very uncomfortable.

To anyone who may be in the budding phase, stay encouraged. Know you’re not alone. Discomfort breeds growth. With change comes a fresh perspective. Suit up and enjoy the ride.

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