About Me

I am Aviance Brown, a second year law student. I want to be a civil rights attorney because I am deeply passionate about being a change agent in society. I love to study race-relations, social disparities, and (before this recent election) politics! Most importantly I enjoy twisting my brain to invent methods to impact society on a large based scale.

I am a girly-girl. An Alpha Kappa Alpha woman. A Christian. I’m creative. I absolutely LOVE crafting!

I am vocal, I love to talk, and i’m not afraid to use my voice! I’m extremely passionate.

This is where you will find some of the things that I find most interesting in life right now. I say right now because we are always evolving and ever-changing. Right now I am interested in inspiring others, loving Christ, and of course, the thing that takes up most of my time…LAW!

I hope to spark an interest for you! Whether that be in getting saved, going to law school, or even learning to make strides within your community, my hope is that this site will serve as an igniting factor to propel you into whatever direction your purpose has for you!